The Academy


Every prospective client will begin by submitting video for a free evaluation. This will give me an idea of where the QB currently is both physically and mechanically. Based on that video I will follow up with the athlete and his family to set up a game plan on what I believe we need to do moving forward to address his needs. It’s not just about his physical attributes though. I want to know what the quarterback’s goals and expectations are for working with me. There’s a reason they contacted me for my services. Every athlete is different and on their own personal journey. Whatever their motivation is, I want to know it.

Private sessions

Private sessions are a great way to work on specific aspects of your game. There will be a lot of coaching and film review on the field during these sessions. If you’re suddenly throwing a majority of your passes high, low, left or right, you and I will take the time to identify what the mechanical issue is through various drills and through watching your mechanics from different angles on film. If you want to work on certain footwork and route concepts that pertain to you team’s system or just anything specific to your game, you should request a private session.

Semi Private Sessions

I know for a fact that when I was playing football, competition brought out my very best. Going toe to toe everyday in practice with great quarterbacks helps take your game to levels you could never imagine. There’s something about training with a small group of your peers that ignites a fire that you just can’t get from a private session or a huge camp environment. My semi private sessions have an extremely competitive atmosphere. You’ll be put through some of the most advanced drills available that are all backed by science to help you become the most efficient quarterback you can be. Most of my quarterbacks who consistently take part in these sessions start to see changes in their games relatively soon. You’ll be surrounded by quarterbacks that like you, all have a Healthy Obsession and respect for the position. I encourage my quarterbacks to bring their receivers for free to each session. This allows them to continue to develop chemistry with their receivers through added reps.

Film Analysis

I can’t stress to you how important film study is at any age. If there was one aspect of my game that I would go back and improve before a set foot on a college football field, it would have have been my film study/preparation. Understanding what a defensive is
trying to do and knowing exactly what to prepare for, is like having the answers to big test! I’ll take an average athlete with outstanding film preparation habits over an outstanding athlete who doesn’t understand what a defense is trying to do to him. We will watch film of upcoming opponents as well as our on field training video. Quarterbacks are visual learners. That’s why parts of their sessions will be filmed in high definition video so that they can see exactly what they are doing and start immediately making the necessary mechanical changes to their game.


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